• All email is the property of the Company and may be monitored and audited by appropriately authorised Company personnel. All existing Company policies apply to email usage.
  • Email content must not be detrimental to, nor adversely affect, the reputation or operations of the Company, its employees or customers. Employees are responsible and accountable for their use of email, and for the format and content of messages sent by them.
  • At times you may receive emails which you have not solicited or encouraged and which breach Company email standards. Such emails must not be forwarded. They must be deleted, and reasonable steps must be taken to prevent a re-occurrence.
  • Internet
  • As a business tool, the internet represents a considerable commitment of telecommunications, networking, software and storage facilities. It therefore needs to be used primarily for business purposes. Unnecessary or unauthorised internet usage can severely compromise the Company, so the Company reserves the right to monitor and record internet usage and web browsing activity of all of its employees while at work. All existing Company policies also apply to internet usage
  • Internet activity must not be detrimental to, nor adversely affect, the reputation and operations of the Company, its employees or customers.
  • Prohibited email and internet activity
  • Employees are not to use, or allow others to use, the Company internet services for any of the following:
    • harassment of any group or individual;
    • accessing, downloading or distributing any pornographic or other offensive material;
    • trafficking in confidential customer or client information;
    • broadcasting emails of a defamatory nature;
    • hacking or entering into any email communications that may be deemed unlawful;
    • propagation of SPAM (unsolicited bulk email);
    • distribution of material that is defamatory, abusive, menacing, threatening, harassing or illegal under legislation where transmissions are sent from, viewed or received;
    • transmission of unsolicited mail, advertising material or any other material which is offensive or indecent or otherwise contrary to law or relevant Company policies;
    • unauthorised copy or distribution of material such as copyrighted works or confidential information;
    • commission of a crime, activity in the course of commission of a crime or for unlawful purpose;
    • activities carried out in a manner which could expose the Company, or any entity with which it conducts business, to loss or liability;
    • actions that may damage the network or systems or cause impairment of their quality and integrity; and
    • activity that does not comply with the Company’s operating procedures, policies or behavioural standards.

Any employee found to have breached this policy in any way shall be subject to disciplinary action, which may include termination of employment.

If you have any questions, please contact Fourth Line PTY LTD.