Webinar: Breach Reporting Obligations – how to minimise risks

In this webinar, Fourth Line’s COO Joel Ronchi and Mark Bland (Partner at Mills Oakley law firm) explore the secrets many licensees are using to reduce the requirement to lodge Breach Reports with ASIC under the new rules which came in to effect in October 2021.

The conversation explores how licensees are identifying and fixing issues early in the advice process and so averting breach reporting obligations. This has the added benefit of building trust, respect, and deeper relationships with clients, whislt also enhancing the reputation of the advice firm and avoiding costly client remediation programs.

Now is the time to reimagine compliance. As the financial advice industry moves to a profession, so too compliance must become agile, proactive, and forward looking. When licensees mitigate financial risks associated with breach reporting and general licensee obligations, the benefits are felt by all – the licensee, the adviser, and the client.